2017 Annual Report

As an organisation that relies on the support of its members its, therefore, important that we share with you our learnings over the last twelve months and how we intend to improve our service over the coming year.

2016 was a momentous year for cup recycling, thanks to the explosion in media interest, but it also put our collection and recycling scheme firmly in the spotlight. We also announced some significant new developments, including the expansion of our service, both in terms of geography and materials, and also launched the ground-breaking NextCupCycle polymer made from used cups.

Looking ahead to this year, we’re excited to be part of the Square Mile Challenge, that will take place during the month of April, plus we’ll be increasing our focus on products made from used cups. We’ll also be launching our Cup Recycling App during the course of the year, so stayed tuned for this and other new developments.

To find out more about our activities in 2016 and our plans for this year, then just click on the Annual Report below.