2017 Annual Conference Announced

We are delighted to announce that this years event will take place at the iconic Eden Project in Bodelva, Cornwall– one of the latest organisations to sign-up to the Simply Cups scheme, and that we will be joined by Gordon Seabright (Chief Executive Officer – Eden Project) to provide our keynote address. As described by Sir Tim Smit KBE (Co-founder of The Eden Project) in the following video, The Eden Project was founded with an objective of ‘bringing lots of people together to make something better’ – an ethos which the Simply Cups scheme fully embraces. Continue reading “2017 Annual Conference Announced”

Simply Cups Product Catalogue now available

We are delighted to be able to launch the Simply Cups 2017 Product Catalogue; the world’s first catalogue of products exclusively made from used cups, that would otherwise have ended up being sent to landfill or for incineration. A copy of the catalogue, in a readable format is below, but also can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Product Catalogue contains all the usual favourites that we have been selling from our website since June of last year, such as stationery, cafe and barware and promotional items. We also now are able to offer an expanded range of outdoor products with new items including decking, paving, barriers and handrails.

The catalogue also includes the launch of the Simply Cups Tube Bins. Not just content with responding to the huge demand to design a collection system that not only intuitively ensures that consumers effectively segregate cups, lids and liquids, but our tube bins are also cost effective, aesthetically appealing, take up minimal space and are easy to install. We have also gone one step further; by actually making the product out of used paper and plastic cups. Now how circular is that!

General Manager Wanted

Simply Cups has grown rapidly over the last three years and our award-winning scheme now comprises over 90 Members and is continually innovating to seek the most environmentally, socially and economically beneficial outcome. For example, recent innovation now means that we are able to manufacture new functional products from used cups, that can be sold back to those businesses from whom we collect. This can also be recovered and recycled once they have reached their end-of-life -how circular is that!!

We have ambitious plans to grow the scheme further and to help us achieve this, we are now looking to recruit a General Manager who will manage the ever increasing interest from businesses wanting to join and participate, as well as supporting the ongoing design and development of the solution. Continue reading “General Manager Wanted”

Simply Cups to recover & recycle Smart Planet Technologies’ breakthrough paper coffee cup

Simply Cups, the UK’s ONLY workable cup recycling scheme, has entered into a relationship with Smart Planet Technologies (SPT) to recover and recycle the ground-breaking ‘reCUP’ hot beverage paper cup that can be recycled at traditional paper mills. Continue reading “Simply Cups to recover & recycle Smart Planet Technologies’ breakthrough paper coffee cup”

Competing Cup Claims – Fact or Fiction?

The well-publicised debate on paper cup recycling has given rise to claims, from various quarters, reporting to have solved the problem. Whilst working towards finding a solution is far better than flatly dismissing the need for a solution, the question remains why are these apparently compelling solutions not being widely, and immediately, adopted across the industry?
In the second of our blogs for edie.net we’ll be looking at the merits of the most commonly cited solutions, biodegradeable cups, compostable cups and cups that are deemed ‘acceptable’ by a paper mills, to understand how they compare to the standard polyethylene-lined cup that is currently widely used across the hospitality industry. Continue reading “Competing Cup Claims – Fact or Fiction?”

RWM 2016 becomes the world’s first event to recycle its cups

RWM, Europe’s most prestigious resource management show, this week became the world’s first large-scale event to conduct paper cup recycling, thanks to Simply Cups.

To mark this historic moment, our mascot, Cupbert, was given the honour of opening the show, who then broke the world record for the number of selfies. Continue reading “RWM 2016 becomes the world’s first event to recycle its cups”

To keep the momentum of circular economy brimming we need to battle for the cup

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s ‘War on Waste’ programme has exposed the fact that so few paper cups are actually being recycled. Those inside the industry knew this all along but the public, it seems, didn’t and now feel cheated by some of the claims being made by the big coffee brands.

However, according to some industry commentators, this is just a ‘storm in a tea cup’ and despite only 1 in 400 cups are being recycled – even though most carry the ‘recyclable symbol’ – cup recycling is really not worth the effort, either economically or practically.

Simply Cups disagrees strongly. We would say that, you might be thinking, given that we run the UK’s only workable cup recycling scheme.  There are, however, some very clear reasons why the industry needs to promote paper cup recycling, not least because it is representative of a wider failing in UK recycling systems and, therefore, should become a much higher priority. Continue reading “To keep the momentum of circular economy brimming we need to battle for the cup”