Post Back Service

Where collection coverage is available and given that there are sufficient volume of used cups generated on a regular basis, a scheduled collection by the Simply Waste Solutions fleet will always be the most efficient and cost effective means of returning cups.

However, taking into consideration that remote areas may never have sufficient volume to justify a collection service on our own fleet, we also want to provide an opportunity for organisations generating a small volume of cups and/or on an infrequent basis to participate in the scheme.

Our post back service is operated by a 3rd party courier and does not require Membership to the scheme, providing an opportunity to post back up to 20kg cups in a box no greater than 100,000cm3 for £14.99 (ex VAT).

Collection cost per cup via post back

Cup Size Cup Capacity Per Maximum Box Size 50cm x50cm x 40cm Post Back (ex VAT) Cost per Cup (ex VAT)
7oz 3675 £14.99 £0.0041
9oz 2250 £14.99 £0.0067
1/2 Pint 1650 £14.99 £0.0091
12oz 1050 £14.99 £0.0143
16oz 875 £14.99 £0.0171
Pint 725 £14.99 £0.0207
Please note that our post-back service will only accept cups that are segregated into the following material types, which you will be asked to confirm when you place your collection order:

  • (1) Paper cups only
  • (2) PP & HIPS cups only
  • (3) PET cups only

We can only accept boxes that contain cups from a single category and additional charges will be levied where different cup materials are mixed in the same box.

How to use the service

  • (1) Use any cardboard box that is no more than 100,000cm3 – Height(cm) x Width(cm) x Length(cm) = Less than 100,00cm3
  • (2) Place a clear plastic sack within the box into which to place the used cups
  • (3) Stack used cups into the sack – please ensure that the cups are free from liquid or any other form of contamination i.e. lids, stirrers etc.
  • (4) When full, tie the clear plastic sack and seal the cardboard box
  • (5) Click on the Schedule a Collection tab below
  • (6) Provide the information requested and complete the transaction
  • (7) You will receive confirmation of the transaction immediately and, within 24 hours, confirmation of collection date
  • (within 3-5 working days)
  • (8) Ensure that your box is available for collection when specified. Our courier will apply the collection label on collection and take your cups away to be recycled!

Click here to schedule a collection