The Closed Loop Cup

The use of the Closed Loop Cup provides our Members with an opportunity to implement a truly closed loop system for beverage service. Manufactured in the UK and incorporating a minimum 50% UK derived post-consumer content, the Closed Loop Cup has been designed to meet the specifications of our reprocessing partners (by meeting the specification of PET bottles) and can therefore be recycled (alongside PET drinks bottles) and returned back to a food grade material for use in the manufacture of new Closed Loop Cups.

Products available:

  • Pint to Line
  • Pint to Brim
  • Half Pint to Line
  • Half Pint to Brim

The use of UK derived post-consumer material not only decreases our dependence on the use of finite resources in the manufacturing process, but also creates demand for, and provides support to, UK recyclers and reprocessors.

Minimum 50% UK Sourced recycled PET
Manufactured in UK
‘Closed Loop’ compliant

To find out how you can close the loop, please call 08081 688 787 or e-mail