Simply Cups launches in Australia

We’re delighted to announce that the Simply Cups recycling scheme has now been launched in Australia, through our parent company Closed Loop.

The huge growth in coffee culture means that cup waste has become an endemic issue in virtually every major country around the globe. With the scheme now firmly established in the UK, our colleagues in Australia understood that the same problems also existed in their market. Already with a long legacy of delivery pioneering recovery and recycling solutions, Closed Loop knew that the time was right to also introduce coffee cup recycling to the Australian market, using the blueprint established in the UK.

There is already huge interest in the scheme, from businesses and consumers alike. The media has also been following the story and our Managing Director, Rob Pascoe, was recently interviewed on ABC, Australia’s state-operated TV. With the equivalent of the UK’s ‘War on Waste’ program set to air in Australia next week, momentum will continue to build and assist us in developing a viable solution to solving the cup recycling issue. For more information on Simply Cups Australia, please visit here.

The only the question now is, which country will Simply Cups launch next?